My attitude shift

When I first decided to start my business I had a vision of what it would be. I saw myself sitting at my booths in various markets while lines of people jostled to be the ones to buy my fabulous bags, my sites getting more orders than I could handle and my product flying off the shelves of the various retailers I chose to carry my bags. In short my vision was of more money coming in than I knew what to do with.

Reality check. It has now been a month and a half since I started actively working on my business and I’ve had eight sales (and all of those were to friends and family) for the last three weeks i’ve been in somewhat of a slump. I’ve been saying I’m working but really I’m just putting arround doing things thaat aren’t really nessisary. Now yesterday I went to my business training meeting (because I’m in a government program for students) and I decided that the time has come to stop dinking around. It’s time to get off my ass and get something done.

So today I went crazy on the Etsy forums promoting my shop. I also called some local businesses about doing consignment in their stores and tomorrow I’m going downtown to find some more people to take my bags. I’m also booking a table at the Lakeshore Music Festival to start selling my bags. Also on the 29th I get to be seen by a bunch of local media and this week I’m sending out a wack of press releases. This is going to work out I know it. My positive attitude has returned and I belive It’s going to result in sales!



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