I stepped out of my comfort zone BEST RESULT EVER

Now I know that this is crazy, we live in an age where we use technology to communicate all the time and the phone has been around since long before I was born. However even though I know it is irrational I have an odd uneasyness about calling people on the phone. I would much rather send them an e-mail or facebook them. Talking to people in person is no problem for me and oddly when someone calls me I have no problem answering the phone. But making a phonecall now that puts a cold sheen of sweat on my forehe

So on Wednsday I decided that this whole fear was totally stupid and I shouldn’t let it impact my business by making me incabable of getting my bags into a store on consignment. So I called up a bunch of stores and one said they would take consignment. As a result of this yesterday I marched into the store in question (no problem with this though possibly because I had an overabundance of caffine in my system from the medium IcedCap I’d had that morning) and I pulled out all my bags and said you know you want these awsome bags. And you know what SHE DID! she took TEN! I haven’t been able to sell one out at the market and here an actual store owner thought that my bags were good enough to try and sell ten in her store!

So conclusion stepping outside your comfort zone can sometimes lead to really greate things that you really hoped for but didn’t count on at all! From now on I’m not going to let my wierd phone fear control me . I now control the phone.


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