My first sales

White Ikea Print Hobo Purse

It finally happened! Today I found out about my first two sales to non family/friends. I woke up this morning (at the shameful hour of  11:00am) and checked my e-mail to find out that while I was peacefully slumbering in my comfortably bed my Etsy site had been hard at work making me my first internet sale! I am very excited about this because I’ve been sitting around thinking that all my time on etsy was just a waste and that perhaps all this listing and re-listing as well as promoting myself on the forums wasn’t getting me anywhere and that maybe I should just let it be for a while. Well clearly all that work I put into it has indeed payed off! I am now not just a national manufacturer/retailer I have now made a sale to someone who, without the internet would never have had any access at all to my product.

After I found out about this I felt very energized and so since my mother was already going out to Fabric Land to get oil for her serger (to help me with my bags) I decided to go and check on how my consignment efforts were going at the local store I’ve picked to stock my bags (the Benevolent Stranger on Hunter St.) and yesterday they made a sale for one of my bags too!

Tomorrow I have a table booked at a local music festival so I think that the mojo’s finally on a roll and that tomorrow’s going to be just as great as today was. I have optimism and that’s what’s going to make sure that this all works out (plus I’m adding pockets to my bags)



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. summercompanypeterborough
    Jul 07, 2010 @ 11:59:03

    Congrats, Jacqueline! Do you have any pictures of the new pocket-additions? Would love to see them…



  2. alamodefashion
    Jul 08, 2010 @ 17:17:33

    they pretty much look the same as the one’s without the pockets. I have some new fabrics that I need to take photos of though, it’s just been so hot out I hate to leave the air conditioned house


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