My Phone Fear Cont’d

So earlier I discussed my fear of calling others on the phone. Since that post I have done some highly detailed (okay not really that detailed) research and have determined that I am not alone in my weird fear. All the people I talked to about it that were my age seemed to, at least partially share my odd uneasiness about calling others on the phone.

Now this tells me something. Perhaps it’s an odd side effect of our generation. Think about it, we use technology to communicate every day. We e-mail, text, facebook and instant message each other almost constantly every day. However, when it comes time to call each other to make plans we say oh I’ll do it later or I’ll e-mail them instead. Perhaps we are hiding behind technology to shield us from the possibility of rejection. When we are told no by someone over e-mail it doesn’t seem to sting as much because it is less personal. We don’t hear that person’s rude tone of voice so their cold brush off doesn’t seem as bad. When we talk to people through the internet we are bolder, we say things we would never say on the phone or in person because it is less real for us.

We are using this as a way to avoid rejection and confrontation. My sister’s friend was dumped via text message recently. In my opinion that’s just cold, the person who did that really lacked balls and compassion. But am I really any better than that sleazy guy. I’ve broken plans with friends over text message and facebook. All because I lacked the confidence to stand up to their disappointment over the phone.

Well, I have now decided that the phone no longer has the power to make me nervous. From now on I will call up people without hesitation. To make sure I fulfill this I have taken a job doing one of the things I fear most. TELEMARKETING. Gasp, shock, horror! I know what you are saying to yourself. How could I become one of the most hated people in the world just to get over my fear? Well it’s not just for fear control, I also need more money for my tuition and my father just happens to work in telecom (I know right my father sells phone services yet I’m afraid of them, how pathetic). So he’s paying me commission for every business phone line that I contract for Bell Canada.

So now I have been calling up random strangers for four days. I’ve had several people hang up on me, several people tell me that they don’t trust me or the company I represent and the first day before I made every call a sheen of sweat covered my forehead. My hands shook. My voice quavered. But now I think I have finally gotten over my fear. (and I’ve made some money too)



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