People always tell me that networking is important, that it grows your business and encourages potential customers. All this is true, however it’s nice when you find someone through networking that can actually help you improve your product. This past week I was at my grandparents and I met a very nice older lady named Carol. It turns our Carol LOVES to do machine embroidery. Now this doesn’t really seem like something to get excited over, except that I’ve been wanting to get tags for my bags for awhile now to help expand brand awareness when I sell through other shops.

Now since Carol loves embroidery she agreed to do some tags for me. And not only that, since she likes doing this she isn’t even going to charge me for anything but materials! This is very exciting to me because the whole reason that I don’t have tags is that when you order them through professional companies they make you buy 1000 tags as your first order! I’m not going to use that many tags this summer so it just seems silly to have that many.

So thanks Carol for doing this huge favor for me and I once again learned that networking helps.



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