Huge Relief

Last month I had a sale on Etsy. I was so excited and i packaged up my bag, put a free fabric bow on it and skipped on down to the post office to deliver it. I then waited to hear back from my buyer when she received it.

And I waited, and waited, then two weeks later I heard from her asking where her bag was! I was panicked I sent her a note saying that maybe it was just held up at customs and I nervously waited to hear from her again. Then after a full MONTH she finally received her bag. I was so glad because just the day before I had been planning to bring another bag up on my camping trip to NY and ship it to her. That would have meant I would have LOST a lot of money on that sale.

As scary as this episode was I realized that from now on I HAVE to include tracking numbers on all the orders I ship out because that way at least I can guarantee the buyer that it has been shipped and where it currently is.

I hope I never have a scare like this again because I just about died of a heart attack at the age of 20 (I don’t think my parent’s would have appreciated this with all the money they’ve put into my education)



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