a tiny bit discouraged

There was a space in time when I was selling bags. I remember it, it wasn’t a dream (I think) but lately I seem to have hit the wall. No sales for the last 3 weeks.

To attempt to combat this screeching halt in sales I’ve approached several stores in an attempt to have my bags in more places to be seen by more people. However, I seem to be getting no where. I think maybe it’s the time of year, every store I go to the owner seems to be away on vacation or in the case of the last store I approached. actually selling their store and not ordering any more inventory. A lot of them seem interested, but not right now.

Maybe this is just normal ebb and flow but as I’m going back to school in the fall it doesn’t really bode well for me. Oh well I guess I’ll just start thinking up some new ideas and hope for a miricle



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