A Real Job

As September is looming down on me once again it is time for me to secure a “real job” for the school year. This makes me kind of sad because I will once again have a fixed schedule and creativity will be discouraged. However this year I am determined to get a job at a place where I can actually learn something about the fashion industry besides how to fold t-shirts (fold the sleeves in and fold the end twice to display the front nicely)

However, it always seems there is a trade off with this type of job. I can pretty much guarantee that it will pay me nothing. (It’s supposed to be a chance to gain experience and growth. Now having a good job is nice, but having money is also nice. Especially since right now I have negative money the dreaded D word (debt) So I’ll either have to be resigned to a job that doesn’t pay in money that I like, or a job that pays well that I hate. (would you like fries with that).

I’ve already applied to a retail job a a cute boutique in Toronto so I hope that I get that job I think it would be great. I’m also hoping that they might take on some of my bags as a favor and maybe actually make me some money. You never know.

I’m sure i’ll work it out somehow but I’ll likely be hugely stressed out for the next eight months. Hooray.

JacquelineSparkle denim hobo bag on blue chair


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