New Developments

I’ve had a rather productive few days. I’ve finally got my sewing mojo back after loosing it from lack of sales. I decided that people needed to see new things from me so I’ve been creating non stop for three days.
So far I’ve done some new lower price accessories to entice people to keep visiting my shop. These include a floral themed headband in orange (pictured below) and a turqoise bangle with fabric roses in Ultramarine blue, black and turqoise (Spring/Summer ’10’s hottest colour)
Orange Rose Headband
I’ve also begun some more complicated bags including a blue leopard clutch with a woven flap (it’s REALLY cool)

Not only am I set on making some new product I also have a new outlet for my fabulous bags which is Tango on George St. owned by Rebeca who aproached me after seeing my shop on Etsy.
This is all rather exciting to me but I kindof wish it had been this way earlier in the summer. Oh well not much I can do about it now except keep plugging away. As long as I’m busy sales will come.



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