Bags at a New Store

To everyone who live  outside of Peterborough and was jealous that they could just walk into a store and purchase one of my bags you are in luck! If you live in the Greater Toronto Area (or anywhere close to there really) my bags will now be available to you!

As of right now my bags are available at The Coal Miner’s Daughter a small boutique in the Mervish Village near Bloor and Bathurst. Also, a special treat since I’m interning for them right now if you come in on a Tuesday or a Sunday you can talk directly to me about the products if you have any ideas or specific orders.

Here’s some directions so you don’t get lost trying to find it (I did)

Take the subway up to Bloor and Bathurst and when you come out of the subway station turn Right and walk along the street for a block until you see the HUGE sign for honest Ed’s. Cross the street and walk up beside honest Ed’s for a block and turn right again. The store is along this street close to the restaurant with the patio. It’s the one with the mannequins in the window and you walk up a set of stairs. There should be a rack of clothes on the stairs. The sign’s not very big so don’t feel bad if you miss it.

That’s all for now!



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